Thursday, 10 June 2010

Some Conversion Ideas

One of the best things about the plastics revolution is the practically limitless way of combining the pieces to make your troops. Now, this isn't to everyone's tastes; a lot of complaints by grognards on TMP about Victrix and Perry are about the amount of time it takes to put them together. The big problem with plastics comes with characters.

Characters, by which I mean officers, sergeants, ensigns, drummers and so on, should be the focus of skirmish games. Most stories of daring-do focus on these, after all. Plastic sets fall down because of the limited number of bodies and heads for characters. The British sprue has one sort of officer body, and one sergeant body, whereas the French sprue has two officer bodies (line NCOs can be made from elite bodies, I've discovered).

So, my challenge to myself is to get out my greenstuff and knives, and convert some interesting personalities for my skirmish games.

Currently on the list (I'll expand this when I get ideas, or suggestions):

  • A Major who's missing an arm, Nelson-style
  • A Sergeant directing, or thrusting with spontoon

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