Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Some British

Two posts? In one day? I might need a lie down! To go with the French, some British.

Firstly, an unarmed infantryman in forage cap. In my games I think he's going to be a batman or messenger. I'd have liked to have him without the backpack, but the conversion work in doing that I'll leave for another day. The head is from the French sprue, so I'm not sure if the cap is quite right, and I've guessed colours based on a figure in Uniforms of the Peninsular Wars, substituting facing colours.

The next is a drummer, in the reversed-facings coat. It's been a bit different painting some green.

The drum on the Victrix models is a bit fiddly to assemble, and casting-wise not the highlight of the set, but painted and on the table it looks fine.

Lastly, someone else not in red- an RFA officer, in the traditional blue coat. The pose is a conversion, with an outstretched hand as if ordering his men.

I'm particularly proud of the face on this model; it's probably the best I've done on my Napoleonics. I tried to photograph it closer, but I didn't get the resolution or focus quite right.

The head, I should mention, comes from the British foot sprue, and not the RFA sprue. One of the great joys of plastics is the almost endless variety in mixing and matching parts.

Some French

Right, my first proper post in aaages! Here are some pictures of the French I've been working on: a grenadier, left, and a voltigeur, right.

Largely these have been painted as the others on my blog, although the blue of their uniforms is GW's Enchanted Blue with an Asurmen blue wash. It's a much bolder effect, similar to the red+wash I've done on my British. They're both lacking packs and swords, both of which I paint separately.

My first Eagle-bearer, sadly lacking the colours at the moment until I decide whether to do the flag myself, or use a paper one.