Thursday, 10 June 2010

A Plan!

Finally having finished my degree, I'm left with a couple of free weeks before I graduate. As it's been a while (close to a year) since I last read any of Campaigns of Napoleon, I've decided to go back and begin reading it again from the beginning, taking notes as I go. I've set myself the somewhat ambitious target of reading 50 pages per day, which should put me halfway through by the time I graduate, with the momentum to finish.

Now I'm looking towards life after Uni, and enjoying the thought of getting back to regular painting again. My blog posts have been very infrequent, because I've only been able to paint during the holidays. Now I hope to get back into scheduled painting.

My first resolution is that I'm going to aim to paint at least eight miniatures a week, four coalition (British) and four Empire (French). I think this is an achievable target- two miniatures, four nights/week, and should quickly build up my forces. In three weeks, I'll have enough for small skirmishes.

My second resolution is to get the new Victrix British foot artillery. People on TMP seem to be quite excited about this set, because it includes limbers which were apparently very expensive to have in metal. All I know is that it's plastic (tick!), suitable for the Peninsular war (tick!) and made by Victrix (tick! tick!).

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